Geocentric Design Code is a set of instructions on how to apply a universal geometric pattern toward shaping a broad range of constructs and artifacts made integrable by virtue of a basis in elemental spheres centered on earth. 

It all arose from a lifelong fascination with the shape of things, be they natural, artificial, or abstract. Of the latter, a polyhedral form advanced by Buckminster Fuller captivated my interest to the extent of frequently applying its crystalline essence to paper dream houses while not otherwise engaged in global deep sea diving, higher academic studies, or an experimental lifestyle revolving around a bicycle.

A sense of geometric discord between 2 wheels at rest and architectural convention led to deeper scrutiny of the form; and harmonious resolution to this narrow dilemma blossomed into a design framework pertaining to other realms of structures, the ground supporting them, and the alternative transporter modes of marine, air, and spacecraft.  

Although the code is a bit futuristic, much of it can presently be engaged by adventurous students of design whose creativities are joined by penchants for puzzle-solving toward the challenges of their particular fields and interests; and who seek a healthier planet that supports life fuller and farther into the future with a wholistic approach that complements nature.

Toward that end, the code’s 7 sequential parts are introduced via corresponding pages accessed on either the navigation or side bars. From these are links to relevant posts, galleries of concepts and applications, and PDFs intended for serious examination, reference, and application. Alternatively, Code by Field supplies specialists with direct paths to pages most relevant to their design interests.

Copyright  ©  2001-17  R Randolph Westfall


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